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Common API questions and issues

Check API documentation for details about specific methods and code samples.


1. Why do I use Bond Radar Data API?

Bond Radar Data API provides extensive raw data covering live and historical market activity in primary bond markets. This enables you to analyse primary bond market data in your preferred way, using your preferred analysis tools.

The data is provided live so you can get the latest updates instantaneously.

Bond Radar Data API provides live and historical data covering all aspects of the primary bond markets (including emerging markets, high grade and high yield markets). You will be able to access live coverage of EM and HG markets through expected deal end-points. As well, an extensive historical database dating back to 2003 is accessible through priced deal resources.

For more details, please check common scenarios and glossary (.pdf).

Please check glossary (.pdf) and documentation to see all data fields available on Bond Radar Data API.

Please check common scenarios to see a few examples of the possible output of Data API.

Bond Radar data is sourced exclusively from primary dealers and market makers in the international capital markets, unsolicited and sent directly to Bond Radar from lead managing banks. We add to our data Bloomberg links and codes available on the Bloomberg system. This Bloomberg data compliments our primary data and is public. The deal execution cycle is covered from the mandate announcement, through price discovery, bookbuilding, launch, pricing and, finally, post-pricing book distribution statistics and analysis.

If you already subscribe to Bond Radar services via Bloomberg and/or www.bondradar.com, please contact Bond Radar here to discuss your request.

The Bond Radar Data API is a subscription-based delivery access, the sales team will advise on your eligibility.

The Bond Radar Data API is a subscription-based delivery access. If you wish to find out about your eligibility, please contact Bond Radar here or register your enquiry here.

Once your request is successfully processed, you will get a confirmation email with your account details. After you receive your account activation email, you can access Bond Radar Data API.

For details on how to access Data API, please check the documentation or contact Bond Radar at [email protected] to get support.

For new and existing customers account approval process may take up to 24 hours.

Setting up data retrieval from API is the client responsibility. However, if any assistance is required, please contact Bond Radar at [email protected].

Please check API documentation. If you still need help or if you have any specific questions, please contact Bond Radar at [email protected].

There are no strict limits to the number of requests. However, it is recommended to download the full expected deals resource not more than every 5 minutes and not more than once every 5 minutes update priced deal resource using updatedSince link. In addition, we recommend downloading the entire priced deals list not more than once every 24 hours.

Please see more details in the documentation under Common scenarios.

You can use any third-party Developer Tool which is compatible with REST API. Tools that are compatible with the Bond Radar API include Postman and Swagger.

Accessing via Postman

Postman is a collaboration platform for API development. Get up and running in seconds, send any type of requests and easily view the status code, response time, and response size.

  1. Download Postman app or try the Postman Web Version
  2. Download our Request Collection
  3. Import the Collection and start making requests. See common requests scenarios to get started

Please see the API specification for error codes and request samples here.

You can find the changelog on API documentation.